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  • Donald Trump Discusses Ties With David Herzka
    "He loved the values of what I’m doing — a startup company that does production locally and helps veterans find work. We sell direct to consumers, eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to consumers."
  • From Finance To Fashion
    "To scratch his entrepreneurial itch, Herzka launched David Fin, a boutique brand that sells premium silk ties."
  • Man at his Best
  • Gifts that give back
  • "All of David Fin's ties are handmade, from start to finish, and sold directly to the consumer. An attention to detail and a personal touch, inspired by veterans."
  • "The brand launched in December 2014, and the response has been phenomenal."
  • Wear a tie, help a hero
    "Each tie comes with camouflage tipping on the back and a notecard outlining the relationship with the program to help service members."
  • Should your passion become your business
  • Esquire’s Senior Fashion Editor Wendell Brown Talks about Spring Style for GUYS!
  • David Fin Ties: A Tie with a Cause
    "The ties are stunning, extremely well-made, beautiful Italian materials, Made in the USA, and look amazing. "
    Suave by Nature
  • Tie to a Cause
    "I will wear his tie with pride and know that I was able to do just one more tiny thing to help the great men and women of this country, which will now and forever include Mr. David Fin. "
    Chic Street Style
  • An ethically-minded sartorial project
    "David Fin makes an ethical commitment as a company to the United States’ economy and its citizens. "
  • David Fin Ties Helps Veterans
    "The tie showed up and it was perfect in every way. The fabric quality is great. The stitching is nicely done. "
  • The David Fin Tie Review
    "For those of you in the market for some solid ties for work or more conservative settings I recommend you check out what David Fin has to offer. "
    The Fine Young Gentleman
  • "Luxury Tie Company David Fin to Support Veteran and Military Spouse Employment with Every Tie Sold"
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • "The National Defense welcomes David Herzka of David Fin Ties to the program."
    VFW TalkRadio
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